ADHD coaching cards for adults and young adults


A helpful organization tool for adults and young adults with ADD/ADHD. 
It provides a basis you can rely on so that you can give full scope to developing your talents.

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ADHD Coaching Cards is a practical tool that helps you to find peace and structure in your daily life. The cards have been designed for adults and young adults with ADHD/ADD. The practical assignments, tips and suggestions cost little time, appeal to your creativity and give room to a personal interpretation. The author herself has ADHD, which is reflected in the cards.

The topics that are covered are:

Action: being active reduces your ADHD/ADD symptoms
Creativity: being creative and creative thinking are great ways to deal with ADHD/ADD
Feelings: manage overwhelming emotions so that you feel better
Concentration: learn to deal better with concentration problems and use the power of hyperfocus
Order and a clear view: create a clear view so that you get grip on your life

ADHD Coaching Cards are suitable for adults with ADHD, ADD, Tourette syndrom, HSP and anyone who wants more structure in his or her daily life.

Author and designer: Ina Wuite
Translation: Nico de Wildt


'They are so recognizable, what really matters, what they face every day, not from theory but from practice. Nice!'
P. Hally, diagnosis ADD.

'I think the coaching cards are fun and positive, and very concrete. Recognizable for people with ADHD/ADD!'
Dr. Sandra Kooij, psychiatrist at PsyQ and initiator of the St. ADHD Fund.

‘A few weeks ago I ordered the coaching cards.
I use them with my clients to experience a moment of reflection or just do someting completely different!
The great thing is that the card they draw always matches, to the surprise of the clients and myself!
They often suggest: "Shall we draw a card?"

And this afternoon I received a Whatsapp:
"Olga, I'm a at a loss, will you just draw a card for me?"
This is what we would like to share with you!’
Organizato Eibergen, Netherlands